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Zero Degrees of Separation

"The modern world, however, filters the pleasure of living through infinite layers."

"Unhappiness steps through the front door when we find our lives removed from the world, from the shock and pleasure of our five senses. That’s why we cook, to remind ourselves that we are alive, that we are connected to the food chain (the less fortunate become part of it) and to the ebb and flow of nature.

Breathing filtered, conditioned air, eating processed foods, and experiencing adventure while sitting in an armchair is certainly not what Homo sapiens was designed for. I have no idea what life is really about or whether it holds meaning, but happiness is not to be found in a box of cereal, even if it does contain a prize. Living with zero degrees of separation entails risk—yes, that glass of raw milk might contain pathogens—but nothing worth doing is entirely risk-free.

So we can either turn to our kitchens as a lifestyle, or we can do it to remind ourselves that we are alive…”

by Christopher Kimball from the editorial in Cooks Illustrated, July & August 2011 issue

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